Unique places for independent people

Oloika Lodges aims to provide their guests with a special experience. A small number of self-catering lodges in unique places provides for the full experience of what East Africa has to offer in terms of people, landscapes, climates and activities. The owners, two families from the Netherlands and Kenya, are building their dream: a small number of lodges in southern Kenya and the coast of Tanzania. These accommodations are located in beautiful  areas such as the Maasai Rangelands, and the mountains and spectacular and unspoiled coast of northern Tanzania.

Oloika LodgesThese lodges are presently being constructed with a minimum impact on the environment in mind, and the first two are now offered for rent: Osilalei Safari Lodge in Kenya, and Soni Lodge in Tanzania. More beautiful places to stay will become available in the near future.

Our guests are independent individuals, couples and families. They want unique places, and they want to have those places to themselves, not with multitudes of others. And they want to feel at home. The lodges are self-catering, and we assume that food and transport are arranged by our guests themselves. However, upon request, we can arrange for car hire and food to be either prepared to the best of local traditions or to be brought for home cooking. If you have your own transport, it has to be a four-wheel drive car: our accommodations are remote, yet safe and well-cared for.

We invite you to explore this website, look at our accommodation, and come back to us with your inquiries. Karibu Sana!